A CoLiving community designed for Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Digital Nomads at the base of Sunlight Ski Resort. This remote and rustic Sunlight Mountain Inn has been converted to accommodate a purposeful co-living arrangement in the great outdoors of the beautiful rocky mountains.

Our CoLiving Ecosystem

CoWork on Cool Projects

Work on your remote job, moonshot goal or side hustle project, and help other coliving members with theirs.

We have lounge areas, cafe and outdoor patio, all connected to high speed internet, coffee and a great team who can help support your mission and goals.

CoLearn New Skills

Learn skills from each other and share your own skills too, so the community benefits from co-learning and growing together.

We’ll have intentional collision sessions with our coliving members, in order to build connections and for self-improvement, including yoga, fitness training, cooking, snowboarding/skiing, and more.

CoLive with Intention

We are passionate about building a caring and sharing community where coliving members help earch other thrive.

We are seeking coliving members who are likewise as passionate about building an amazing community together making new friends, and helping to support one another.

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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To build a sustainable coliving community for all our members to collectively and individually thrive.

Our Vision

Creating a 22nd century societal model where human beings can co-exist more harmoniously with nature and each other, by focusing on building the ideal coliving community for self-actualization and self-transcendence.

Our Values

We value the lives of all our fellow human beings, as well as the other life forms on this planet that sustain our planet’s fragile ecosystem. We value compassion and kindness that models civil society and begets more compassion and kindness.

We value helping to positively progress humanity, in giving back to those in need and paying it forward to future generations. We value everyone’s individual aspirations for success, happiness and fulfillment, and the collective pursuit to help each other achieve it.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you

Send us your questions and inquiries, we look forward to chatting with you. Be safe and best wishes.

Nergu—Remote CoLiving Community

10252 Co Rd 117
Glenwood Springs, CO